Vauhti Pulver FC Ldr +5/-20C 30g

Vauhti Pulver FC Ldr +5/-20C 30g


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FC LDR powder is designed specifically for long distance races (LDR) and events. During long events temperatures can vary dramatically. For example, the morning subfreezing conditions can change to above freezing. LDR powder’s ability to react to wide temperature fluctuations is phenomenal, along with its resistance to abrasion, makes it a trendsetter.
This coating’s ability to react to wide variations in conditions puts it in a class of its own. LDR glides exceptionally well at slower speeds, but reaches its best performance as the pace and distance increase.
  • All snow types, especially in old and man-made snow from cold to humid conditions. Many World Championship and World Cup starts in these condition tells something about the performance of this product!
  • Excellent powder for all kinds of general use, whatever the conditions or distances.
  • Suitable for recreational skiers and juniors as all-purpose powder to be used through winter.

    Vauhti product development team makes continuous innovations and has improved the FC products to a high level. These products have superb characteristics. They minimize the surface energy of the ski base, making it super-hydrophobic and dirt-repelling. At the same time, they are excellent in cold conditions to reduce dry friction. The speed, glide sensitivity, and durability of the FC-powders are excellent in all weather conditions. With versatile application methods every skier will benefit, even the lightweight skiers.

    Base preparation for Vauhti FC powders:
  • Clean the ski base thoroughly with Vauhti Clean&Glide cleaning and maintenance agent.
  • Use an UF, HF or LF RACE product suitable for the snow type and humidity as the base wax.
  • Scrape and brush the base wax layer carefully, start with roster or brass brush and polish with nylon brush.

  • Instructions for cold conditions:

  • Iron the powder in by quick (approx. 7-10 sec.) strokes; the iron temperature must be approx. 170 – 180°C. Roto cork the ironed powder surface while still warm, at low drill RPM and light pressure. Only two or three strokes from ski tip to tail are required.
  • Cool the skis thoroughly and carefully scrape away excess powder
  • Brush by roto horsehair brush. Continue with roto nylon brush until the surface is even and glossy.
  • If no roto tools are available, clean natural cork can be used for fixation – rub the surface vigorously and hand brushes for brushing – use a roster brush to open the base and a nylon brush to polish the surfaces.

  • Instructions for wet and humid conditions:

  • Iron the powder in using so-called ‘full burn’, in which case the ironing takes for 15 – 20 seconds. The iron temperature should be approx. 170 – 180°C.
  • Cool the skis thoroughly and carefully scrape away excess powder.
  • Brush by roto horsehair brush. Continue with roto nylon brush and finalize the surfaces to a slightly matt condition by roto horsehair brush (matt surface is more hydrophobic as compared to glossy one).
  • When brushing by hand, open the glide surfaces by roster brush; continue with nylon brush and use a horsehair brush or roster brush for the slightly matt surface.

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